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GSS Majors

General Social Sciences (GSS) is a program that provides students the flexibility to design a major that combines courses from several departments across campus. The program offers students a variety of options depending on their interests. For the career minded student, GSS provides career training combined with the analytical skills of a liberal arts education. For the intellectually curious student, GSS offers the study of particular themes across several social science disciplines. And, for the student who just has trouble choosing a major from the vast number offered here at the UO, GSS offers a curriculum across several departments.

Academic Plans for GSS Concentrations

GSS Concentration Sheet Check Off List

Applied Economics, Business, and Society Major Requirements
Crime, Law, and Society Requirements
Crime, Law, and Society Recommendations
Globalization, Environment, and Policy Requirements
Social Studies Teaching Requirements

1-Year Academic Plan Sheet

This form allows the student to input term-by-term courses, number of credits, courses towards major or elective credits, and more.  This sheet is used as a guide to assist with identifying the student’s expected graduation date.

GSS 1- Year Academic Plan Sheet

4-Year Academic Plan Sheet by Concentration and Degree Type

These forms were designed to provide guidance toward a 4-year graduation plan based on the concentration and degree type. These sheets are used merely as a guide to assist with identifying the student’s expected graduation date and are modifiable based on student need and external factors.

Bachelor of Arts in GSS-AEBS
Bachelor of Science in GSS-AEBS

Bachelor of Arts in GSS-CLS
Bachelor of Science in GSS-CLS

Bachelor of Arts in GSS-GEP
Bachelor of Science in GSS-GEP

Bachelor of Arts in GSS-SST
Bachelor of Science in GSS-SST

Career Paths

GSS is a multi-disciplinary program that offers four distinct career concentrations and provides tools and/or skills for a variety of career paths. Learn more about the concentrations.

What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in General Social Sciences?  Check out some GSS alum careers.

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