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  • Welcome to the 2019-20 Academic Year
    This year, the GSS program is experiencing lots of change. Explore our website to find important information about how these changes may impact you, particularly regarding advising and registering for classes this fall.

General Social Sciences Program

About the Program

General Social Sciences is a multidisciplinary program that prepares students for success in an interconnected global environment. GSS majors learn how analyze social issues using research and critical thinking. They also develop innovative problem-solving skills, which are applicable towards professional fields like business, government, law, and education. The GSS curriculum provides flexibility in both class schedules and coursework. This allows students to tailor their educations according to their interests, and to balance multiple academic or personal pursuits in their lives.

How It Works

GSS majors take courses on specific social topics from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Students can also earn course credit for internships in their desired fields. The curriculum is divided into 4 distinct concentrations:

  • Applied Economics, Business and Society (AEBS)
  • Crime, Law and Society (CLS)
  • Globalization, Environment, and Policy (GEP)
  • Social Science Teaching (SST)

Each concentration serves as a central focus for required and elective courses within the major. After declaring a concentration, students select courses from a wide range of social sciences departments as well as the university’s professional schools (Business, Education, Journalism, and Planning and Public Policy Management).

The Right Choice

This program is ideal for students who wish to examine specific social issues from diverse points of view. GSS is also a great fit for students with broad interests that seek to explore multiple disciplines within the social sciences.

The General Social Sciences Program welcomes students of all identities and is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive intellectual community.


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Changes in the 2019-20 academic year

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