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Whom do I contact for more information?

We would love to hear from you! Send us an email at

How do I add or drop GSS as my major?

Submit an online GSS Change Major Form

How do I change my GSS concentration?

Submit an online GSS Change Major Form

What is the GPA minimum to enroll in GSS?

There is no GPA minimum to enroll in GSS.

How do I search for GSS specific concentration courses?

Go to, click on the term of interest. Next, click on the drop down box next to Subject, then type “GS.” You will then be directed to:

  • GSAE – GSS-Applied Economics, Business, and Society
  • GSCL – GSS-Crime, Law, and Society
  • GSGE – Globalization, Environment, and Policy, or
  • GSST – GSS-Social Studies Teaching.

Select the concentration of interest and then click on Show Classes. You can then view offered classes within your concentration of interest.

What is the GPA minimum to graduate with a major in GSS?

Like most majors at the UO, you will need to get a C- or better in order to get credit for any course used towards the GSS major. In order to graduate, you need a 2.0 average for the courses used towards the GSS major.

Students in the Social Studies Teaching concentration also need a 2.0 GPA to graduate, but keep in mind that you will need a minimum GPA of 3.0 to get admitted into a licensure program.

Can I receive departmental honors in GSS?

Yes! Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better AND a 3.6 GPA or better in GSS will receive departmental honors.  Departmental honors will be published in the GSS Commencement Program and the degree will state graduated with honors.

Will my diploma or transcript state my concentration?

No. University of Oregon diplomas do not mention a student’s major – they mention only that the student has received a bachelor of arts or bachelor of sciences. UO transcripts mention the student’s major and minor, but not the concentration within the major. When you write your resume, you may of course write your GSS concentration. If an employer or graduate school ever wants to verify your concentration within GSS, they can contact the University’s Registrar Office.

Can I get either a BA or a BS with this major?

Yes, when you enroll as a GSS major you decide whether you wish to pursue a BA or a BS. For the difference between the two degrees, see GenEd graduation requirements and find the header that reads “Requirements for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science”.

As a GSS major, can I have a double major (second major) or add a minor?

Yes, you may have a double major or add a minor, and you may overlap the coursework. For a double major, you may apply three (3) courses both to GSS and to the other major (the other major may have another policy; refer to the department/program for advising). These courses must be part of the GSS curriculum and the other major’s curriculum. For a minor, you may apply one (1) course both to GSS and the minor. This course must already be part of the GSS curriculum and the minor’s curriculum (i.e., GSS-AEBS and Media Studies can use J340 to satisfy both requirements, but may not also use J350 to satisfy both the major and minor requirements).

Note: GSS majors with a concentration in Applied Economics and Business cannot have a major in Pre-Business  or a minor in Business Administration.

Can I have a minor or double major in Business?

If your GSS concentration is Applied Economics and Business, the answer is no. If you have a different GSS concentration, the answer is yes.

Can course substitutions count towards the GSS major?

Yes. You will need to contact an to determine what course substitutions will count. We recommend speaking with an advisor first, rather than a professor outside of GSS, as advisors will be able to better assist you. See our Advising page for more info.

Can I take a course Pass/No Pass in GSS?

Students can take one (and only one) course from the GSS curriculum as P/NP, and it can be any course of their choosing. Any additional P/NP courses won’t apply towards fulfilling the major.

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