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Academic Resources

The University of Oregon provides a myriad of helpful academic resources; though at times, students are unsure where or how to locate such information. GSS has compiled direct links to departments and videos to students’ most common asked questions during advising sessions.

Search for GSS Concentration Courses

Go to, click on the term of interest. Next, click on the drop down box next to Subject, then type “GS.” You will then be directed to:

  • GSAE – GSS-Applied Economics, Business, and Society
  • GSCL – GSS-Crime, Law, and Society
  • GSGE – Globalization, Environment, and Policy, or
  • GSST – GSS-Social Studies Teaching.

Select the concentration of interest and then click on Show Classes. You can then view offered classes within your concentration of interest.

Search for Core Education Courses

Go to and select which term your interested in. On the next screen, go to Core Ed Requirement and click on the drop-down box next to it to select the group of interest. Now click on Show Classes.

Read Your Degree Audit

This “how to” video provides the student step-by-step instructions on how to read your degree audit. In addition, a direct link to DuckWeb has been provided to begin viewing and interpreting your degree audit.

Video: “How to” View Your Degree Audit
Duckweb : Viewing Your Degree Audit

Find Area of Inquiry Courses

Do you need to identify Area of Inquiry and Cultural Literacy courses in a hurry? Click here to be directed to the Office of the Registrar’s page and locate relevant courses. Click here if you would prefer a “how to” video that provides step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the Office of the Registrar’s web page.

Video: “How to” Find Area of Inquiry and Culture Literacy Courses
Office of the Registrar: Area of Inquiry and Cultural Literacy Courses

Find Transfer Course-Equivalencies

Interested in how courses transfer from an institution to the University of Oregon? Click for the direct link to the Office of the Registrar to begin your search.

Office of the Registrar: Transfer Course-Equivalencies

Calculating a Grade Point Average

The following link provides information on the University’s grading system, choosing a grading option, calculating a grade point average, and more.

University of Oregon Grading System & GPA Calculator

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