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Declare Your Major Online

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This summer, the GSS program is introducing a new online form for adding or dropping General Social Sciences as a major. Submit the form at any time from your computer or mobile device. You no longer need to meet with an advisor before you can add/drop the major.

Fill out a GSS Major Add/Drop Form

What You’ll Need

Before you declare a GSS major, you need to decide if you will pursuing a bachelor of arts (BA) degree or a bachelor of science (BS). You will also need to decide which GSS concentration you plan on following. You can get information about the four concentrations, including relevant course descriptions, at

What to Expect

After you submit your online request form, the change will be processed and applied to your UO Degree Guide. This can take 2-3 weeks before the change is finalized, so we recommend that you check your UO Degree Guide to verify the update to your major.

If you do not see the correct changes applied within 3 weeks, or if you have questions about your major, please send us an email at

What Next?

Newly declared GSS majors should review the GSS Concentration Sheet Check-Off List for their chosen concentration. You can also check out our Academic Resources page for how-to guides on finding GSS courses in the UO class schedule.

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