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Applied Economics, Business and Society

Applied Economics, Business, and Society (AEBS) combines technical training in business with the analytical training of the liberal arts. This concentration draws heavily from courses in the Business School and the Economics department so that it offers specific business skills while also exploring how business works in society, on the national level, and in the global context. This concentration is designed specifically for students who wish to work in business or to pursue an MBA.

AEBS Major Requirements

Students must complete 52 credits with a minimum of 24 upper division credits within the major. Use this check-off list to track your progress: AEBS Requirements

Preliminary Core:

BA 101, EC 201, EC 202

Methods Requirement:

BA 215, MATH 243 [Note: ACTG 211, if taken in the state of Oregon, substitutes for BA 215]

Research Methods Requirement:

Students who join the GSS program after Jan 1, 2016, complete one of the following courses.
GEOG 391 (F18, U19), PS 102 (SP19), SOC 311 (pre-req SOC 204 or SOC 207) (Offered every term)

Specialization Requirements:

Must take 7 of the following courses, at least two of the courses must be outside of Economics and Business.

BA 316, 317, 318
EC (All 300+ and 400+ courses approved, except 400 – 409.  Click here for course descriptions)
ENVS 345
GEOG 342, 410*, 448, 475 (ASIA 480)
HIST 363, 425, 463
J 340, 350
PHIL 120
PS 275, 337, 340, 460
SOC 346, 347, 420
WGS 341

*Topic course is subject to change titles; only specific title is approved

Academic Planning

1-Year Academic Plan Sheet

This form allows the student to input term-by-term courses, number of credits, courses towards major or elective credits, and more. This sheet is used as a guide to assist with identifying the student’s expected graduation date.

GSS 1- Year Academic Plan Sheet

4-Year Academic Plan Sheet

These forms were designed to provide guidance toward a 4-year graduation plan based on the AEBS concentration and degree type. These sheets are used merely as a guide to assist with identifying the student’s expected graduation date and are modifiable based on student need and external factors.

Bachelor of Arts in GSS-AEBS
Bachelor of Science in GSS-AEBS

Course Descriptions for AEBS

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